Talk to someone – a family member, friend or doctor. Telephone or drop in to your local information and support service.

If your husband or partner has beaten you, he is likely to beat you again. Even though you may be afraid, you should begin to prepare now in case of another attack. Remember it is your RIGHT to be SAFE.


  1. Pack a suitcase with items of clothing, toiletries etc. for you and your children and store it with a trusted relative or friend or neighbour.
  2. Gather together your marriage certificate and your own and your children’s birth certificates.
  3. Photographs of previous injuries.
  4. Your own and your children’s medical cards.
  5. RSI number and /or Social Welfare Card.
  6. Child benefit book.
  7. Bank / Credit Union book.
  8. Begin to collect these items now so you won’t have to return for them.
  9. DURING AN ATTACK remember to SCREAM loudly and continuously.
  10. Call the Gardai, or have a neighbour / friend do so on your behalf.
  11. After the attack GET AWAY if you can and seek medical assistance.
  12. Tell the medical staff who beat you and have it recorded.
  13. Remember to get the name of the doctor who treated you.

If your life is in immediate danger  - leave

Your safety and the safety of your children is most important.

If you suspect your husband or partner is going to attack you leave before the attack takes place for your personal safety. Your safety and the safety of your children may depend upon your readiness to act. Call the Gardai and seek help from a neighbour or friend.

During an attack - defend and protect yourself.
Call for help.
Scream loudly and continuously.
You have nothing to be ashamed of - the perpetrator does.

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