The Domestic Violence Outreach Clinic Service is part of the overall service offered by the D.W.D.V.S. and is about making information and services or women suffering domestic violence easier to find and use.  This is particularly important in Donegal because of the large size of the county and its rural nature.  Appointments can be arranged in our clinics or in a convenient location for women throughout the county. A woman can arrange an outreach appointment to discuss her situation in a secure confidential environment. She will be provided with information on the various services she may need to make contact with i.e. medical, legal, social welfare and housing. We realise how difficult it may be for a woman who has experienced domestic abuse to decide what the best solution is for herself and her children and we simply try to provide her with the information she needs to come to a decision.

How can I arrange to see someone?

Simply by phoning the 24 hour helpline on  1800 262677 and arranging an appointment at a convenient time and place.

Court Accompaniment.

This is a service that can be available for women who are going through the court system. It involves providing emotional support for a woman at a time when she may feel frightened and isolated.