Crisis Temporary Accommodation

What is a refuge?

A refuge is a safe house for you (and your children), if you need temporary accommodation.  Trained domestic violence (D.V.) workers are on hand to offer support and provide you with any information you may need to make choices and decisions.

Why are there refuges.

In abusive relationships, the abuser is fully aware that without outside help, the victim is more likely to have no alternative but to remain in the situation.  Therefore, refuges were set up as a community response that refused to turn a blind eye to victims of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is not a private problem: it is a public problem and therefore a problem for society.  It is hoped that one day it will be the abuser, not the abused who will have to leave home

What can I expect?

The Domestic violence service refuge is just like a family home and anyone staying at the refuge is encouraged to feel safe and relaxed.  Fully trained D.V workers are available if and when you want to talk.  We have a children’s playroom and you will have your own bedroom for yourself and your children.

What about my children?

The aim of the refuge is to offer children the time and space to adjust to the changes that may be happening in their lives