Why  A Preventative Approach To Domestic Violence For Young People Is Essential

Many of the women accessing the Donegal Domestic Violence Service have spoken of experiencing and/or witnessing domestic violence as children and also confirmed that many of their partners would also have had the same experience. There own children were now at risk of the cycle repeating itself. By allowing the abuse to continue this way generation to generation, the problem can only escalate.
Education through a prevention program can hopefully go some way to address the balance.  The D.D.V.S. have developed a pack which is aimed at encouraging young people to think about the choices they make and what the consequences of these choices may be.  The program was devised in such a way that the young people themselves are encouraged to fully explore the options available to them, and to acknowledge the responsibility that will be theirs in present and future relationships.
The program is non-gender specific and is aimed at 12-18 year olds.  It comprises of six sessions, each approximately 2 hours in length.  Each session can stand alone but preferably should be delivered as a complete program. A video comes with the programme and shows different scenarios which young people can then discuss the options available

Five school groups throughout the Donegal area took part in the initial pilot of the content, which was well received by the teachers and the young people themselves.  The participants stated that the program did make them think more about what is actually involved in a relationship and how each person in that relationship should have equal value.

The D.D.V.S. recognises that in order to break the cycle of abuse in the home, awareness and education programs aimed at young people must become a part of the overall strategy in the continuing campaign against domestic violence.

Any youth groups interested in receiving more information about the program please contact D.D.V.S on 074-29725